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Ice Station Housman is a show all about the weather – what causes it, what effect it has on us puny humans, and what we can do to improve the weather and/or our reaction to it. Hosted by weather enthusiasts, Jimmy Marks and Joel Housman and ACTUAL METEOROLOGIST Becky DePodwin.
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Jan 18, 2016

This week's episode is remarkable for three reasons:

  1. Jimmy no longer has laryngitis
  2. We cover many popular weather myths
  3. We have a guest!

Not just any guest, mind you: Tiffany Arment! Yes, THE Tiffany Arment! Not just A Tiffany Arment! 

We cover all kinds of myths:

  • Does lightning strike the same place more than once? Yes, of course. Sometimes, it strikes the same guy many times (a guy who later committed suicide over unrequited love, a fact unknown to the hosts and their guest at the time of recording).
  • Is it a good idea to hide under an overpass during a tornado? No, it's not, don't do that.
  • Does salt melt ice? It keeps it from forming, but it won't melt it outright. 
  • Are Tiff and Jimmy best friends now? You bet your ass, they are.

There's a lot to cover, so get to listenin'! Stop believing myths! Start believing facts! Don't get hit by lighting seven times!

Show Notes!

Tiffany Arment can be found at:

Top Four podcast

Tiffany Arment photography

Some Famous Hurricanes

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Gloria

Hurricane Fran

Lighting Strikes, Maybe Once, Maybe Twice...

Lighting Strike Scars

Roy Sullivan, park ranger

"He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 71 over an unrequited love."


I Haven't the Foggiest Idea...

Myth: Fog “burns off”

Russian Face Heat Solutions and You


Lifehack: Don't Let Your Pipes Freeze

Jimmy's Pipe Burst Story


  • (The word Jimmy meant to use was “petrified”, not “mortified”)
  • There are a gazillion articles about weather myths, many of which have many of the same myths listed. Joel pulled most of the myths featured in the show from here.
  • The closing music for this week wasn't mentioned in the broadcast. It is "Lightning Strikes" by Lou Christie. A very fun song about lighting and how it strikes and strikes again.
  • Image credit: "Leiden Lighting" by Carolina Ödman
Jan 6, 2016

This week on the show, we talk about Jimmy's new Farmer's Almanac and how accurate it has been for the month of December. We also talk about weather stations: what they are, the many places you can find them, and different types of personal weather stations you can get for yourself.  We also cover some of our favorite weather apps and websites we think you might find useful. Joel is preparing for the weather in July. Jimmy sounds like a lifelong sword swallower who gargled with rock salt. Check your funometer, there's a podcast a-comin'! 

What are weather stations?

Historial weather data for National Airport (DCA) for December 2015

Different personal weather stations we talked about:

Smart Weather Stations

Joel's favorite, the Netatmo:

Elgato's HomeKit compatible Eve Weather outdoor sensor:

Dumb Weather Stations

Listings of hundreds of "old school" style, non "smart" weather stations on Amazon

  • I would do lots of research and comparisons of reviews before buying any of these as I don't have a good recommendation for any of them. The one I mentioned I own is several years old, and its model has been discontinued. It was made by Ambient Weather.

Portable Weather Devices

The portable, handheld weather meters Jimmy talked about:

Antique Weather Stations

A good example of one of the cool, anitque-style weather clock/barometer/thermometer that we talked about on the show with a "glass".

Various smartphone and desktop apps we talked about:


Today Weather


NOAA Hi-Def Radar

Some of Joel's favorite weather websites:'s Conus Full Mosaic Radar Loop

Weather Undergound's Full Screen Radar Map w/ Weather Station Data

United States Wind Map

Global Earth Wind Map